Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aidan's Birthday

Aidan loved his cake SO much that all he wanted to do was play with the Lightning McQueen and Mater that were on it. He didn't even want to eat any of it!! We got him to take one bite, but then he went right back to playing with the cars while saying "Mater's funny".

I'm a picture crazed mom. So, here goes:

Such concentration.

He loves his Mr. Potato Head! Thank you Aunt Brindi and Uncle Spencer!

Dinosaurs are perfect for a little boy! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Lewis!

This is his new "cool shirt" from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson.

Tucker playing with Aidan's new toy. Go figure!

Thank you everyone for coming and making such a fun day for our sweet little "Aidan boy". He really loved his birthday!!


Danelle and Alex said...

What a cutie! Its crazy to think that he is two!

Becca said...

I loved the cake!! Did you make that?? If so you did a FANTASTIC job!!

Lewis Jewelers said...

Aidan is our very favorite 2 year old in the whole world! We LOVE you Aidan!