Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girly Clothes

So, it occurs to me that having a girl will be extremely... uh... pricey. I wish I could blame this one on my wife, but I think I will be the culprit. I am already wrapped around her little finger, and she is still 4 months from being here. We are in trouble.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Survey says...

Werehavingababyitsagirl - She looks really pretty.
Her name will be Isabel Christine. (spelling of Isabel is pending)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Political Speak

Hopefully, I don't get in trouble for posting this...

I am kind of opinionated when it comes to politics, just ask Megan. I don't hesitate to say how I feel about things, and I try my best to be informed. To provide full disclosure, I do not like McCain or Barack Obama. In fact I think that they both have things completely wrong.

Anyway, that being said, I was listening to some talk radio, I must have been (here is where some people might get angry with me) quoting Rush Limbaugh too much, and Tucker, our two year old picked up on it.

For an entire evening, he was running around saying "Rush Leeeeeeeembaugh". It was very funny, and it goes to show you that kids pick up on everything.

Apparently, I did not learn my lesson about watching what I say because, later that same day I was also yelling at the TV when a stupid politcal ad for global warming came on. I turned to Megan and said:

"That is a bunch of bull crap!!!" (Again, not really thinking about the 2 year old boy that will regurgitate anything I say).

A commercial then came on saying, "I am Barack Obama, and I approve this message." Ever the copycat, Tucker enphatically says, "That's bull cwap".

Oh well... at least he knows bull crap when hears it.