Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bear Lake

We went camping at Bear Lake this past month. It was a lot of fun. It was a little colder than normal, but the kids did great! Here are a few highlights:

This picture is pretty self-explanatory. We went to Minnetonka Cave. Tucker loved it! Aidan, not so much. He cried when they turned the lights out, "Mommy, lights back on! Lights back on!" It was hard not to laugh.

This one is proof that I was there. I'm always behind the camera whenever we go somewhere.

The beach was a lot of fun. Too cold to play a lot in the water, but fun.

Isabel LOVES the water

I wasn't going to go out on the wave runner, but decided to take Tucker out for a ride. It lasted a total of about two minutes.

I hit the gas and a HUGE wave of water came up over the front. That's when the screaming began. I kept going for a minute to see if he would calm down, but, he didn't. So, we went back. When we got back to the shore everyone was asking him if it was fun. He said "Yea! I was screamin'!" Hopefully, he will go again next year.