Monday, April 5, 2010

LONG time, no post!!

It has been a long time, I know. Sorry! I realize just how long it's been when I remember that we haven't even announced on here that we are expecting another addition to our family! Our baby is due to arrive August 5th. We have chosen to be surprised about the gender. Tucker is ABSOLUTELY sure that it is a girl and won't even consider the possibility of it being a boy. Chad thinks it's a boy. I'm not setting myself on either. (Then I can't be proven wrong. See how smart I am?)

We have also celebrated the birthday of a very special little girl since I last posted! Isabel turned 1 in February!! I can't let that go un-documented on our blog. Here are some pictures:
This was BY FAR Isabel's favorite gift that she received. She loves her baby!!

She was slightly timid at first. But, once she got going, there was NO holding back! She was COVERED!

I will try to do better at keeping you all updated on what is going on in our growing family.


Melissa Cornwall said...

It's about time! It was so good to talk to you. I couldn't believe how long it had been since I heard or read anything about the going's on with you guys. Congrats!

Danelle and Alex said...

Cute! Kade didn't really get messy with his cake.
You are brave to be surprised with the gender. I couldn't do that. I am too impatient!

Mike and Kira said...

Love the picture of her covered in cake! I can't believe she is 1! Congrats again on the new baby that is on his or her way, can't wait to find out what it is!