Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wow! It's been a long time!

So I thought that as Isabel got older I would have more time to get things done. Boy, was I wrong. She has turned into quite the clingy little thing. Cute? Yes! But, very clingy (and moody) She is definitely a girl!
Chad took the boys to a football game today and Isabel is taking a nap. (AAHHH this is nice) So I finally have some time to get caught up on the blog.


Right before Halloween I went to Gardner Village with my mom, my grandma and the kids. We got this really cute picture.

For Halloween we went to my parents neighborhood for a Halloween parade. It was fast and easy and the kids had a lot of fun. After that we went trick-or-treating in Chad's parents neighborhood. Tucker was so funny. He practically ran from house to house.
Tucker was THRILLED to be a knight! Aidan didn't really want to dress up at all. And DEFINITELY didn't want to have this helmet on his head. What can I say? A picture says a thousand words!

And this is our Pretty Little Kitty! She was SO cute! It's amazing what felt and a hot glue gun can do.

At the last minute I pulled my old High School musical dress out of the closet. And I'm sure if you watch the Office you'll recognize Chad's "costume". He is FACEBOOK.


Danelle and Alex said...

You guys are cute to dress up with your kids.I am not a big fan of halloween but I am all about making it fun for the kids. My mom hated halloween and we sure heard about it every year ha!

Luke and Amy said...

Way cute Halloween pics. I remember that dress LOL! :)