Monday, August 3, 2009

July was BUSY!

It's kind of bitter sweet for me that July is over. My sister and her family came to visit from California for three weeks. We had a lot of fun and were hardly ever home. I'm glad things have slowed down (and I can keep up on my house work again). But, I also miss my sister and the boys miss thier cousins. :(
We miss you too, Adam. ;)

Here are some of the things that we did:

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It is such a beautiful temple. I think the inside is my new favorite! Aidan really liked the giant chandeliers and kept calling them "Blue Ice". The boys also really liked this picture of Christ that was in the refreshment area after the temple tour.
My mom has a friend from high school who lives in Daybreak (a community that is RIGHT next to the temple). We went to her house after the open house to change our clothes and this is a picture of all the kids on her front porch. My parents have had one grandchild every year since 2004. My sister is due with number seven in December. That makes two for 2009. I'm not having one in 2010!
We were able to participate in the Clinton City parade again this year for my parents store and the kids had a blast! My parents rented this limo and put vinyl lettering on the windows.

You can see Tucker about to throw some candy in this one.

On the Saturday before they left we went to the Roy Aquatic Center. The boys haven't had all that much time in a swimming pool and up until now haven't been very fond of the water. Aidan still doesn't like it much, but, Tucker is getting used to it and enjoys it a lot more. He actually let Chad put him all the way under the water.

It was Isabel's first experience in the water and she LOVED it! She didn't have a swimsuit when we went, but I have since found her one. I got it at the D.I. for $1. It still had it's original tag on it!


Lewis Jewelers said...

Loved the pix and especially the video. Asolutely the CUTEST 3 year old, two year old, and six month olds in the world. (Mom and Dad are cute, too !)

adamanderinclark said...

You are hilarious. I love the video. I think you shot this while I was tapeing you from the side of the pool. right before Aiden did a nose dive into the pool?