Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rain and Other Oddities

I have been looking out the window periodically for about the past three hours. No change; still raining. Rain is defined as condensation of atmospheric water vapor that becomes heavy enough to fall. I prefer to think of it as cloud sweat.

Whenever I look up at the sky, one question always comes to me: Why is the sky blue?

To be honest, the sky has no color. Blue is what our brains perceive, but not in reality what our eyes see.

Outer space is black, but nothing is there. Why is it that nothing has a color? When I paint with all the colors I get a blackish hue. So would that mean that space is all the colors, or none of the colors?

So if the sky has no color and space has no color, why then is the water in lakes and oceans blue? Can we really know why things are the way they are?

So many questions coming from one single rainy day. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you ask why? Why is such a simple question, but probably the most important question you can ask.

Is there something inherent in us that makes us look for truth and to ask "Why?" Is there something that causes us to look for the divine in something as seemingly mundane as a rainstorm?