Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Super Mom?

So I kind of had a freak out moment today. As I get closer to my due date, I get more and more nervous and unsure of how I am going to handle three kids under the age of four. I would like to have the confidence that Chad has in me, but, it is difficult to see your own potential and ability.
Life is difficult enough when it follows the path that you have planned for yourself. It is a completely different thing when you find yourself on a road that wasn't even on your map! I love my children and wouldn't change what Heavenly Father has seen fit to bless (and challenge) me with. I can only hope that I can become what He and my husband see in me and be the "super mom" that my kids deserve.


pogeypetey said...

I love you Megan! You are doing just fine!

Danelle and Alex said...

You are already a fantastic mom you will do great! The fact that you are concerned shows how good of a mom you are!

adamanderinclark said...

Three is scarry. But it is also alot of fun. when the time comes just keep telling yourself "As long as everyone is still breathing, everything else is okay. The laundry will get done, the toilet cleaned, and I will find the floor if only for a moment. Oh, and it's okay to eat cold cerial for dinner."

marcie said...

You will do just fine. You know that song "You're gonna miss this"? My mom and I were talking about that song just today after I told her of all I was going through with my three kiddos:) In the midst of motherhood and its craziness, I remember that one day "I'm gonna miss this". Being a mom is the hardest job but also the most fulfilling job I've ever had in my life. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Just remember that Heavenly Father is here to help. Love ya!

The Cornwall Family said...

Hey Megan, It's Melissa. I don't know if you saw my other comment, but I found your blog a little while ago. Your boys are adorable and your baby girl is going to be just as beautiful and sweet as her mommy so no worries, you're already a great mom. My blog is
lets stay in touch.