Friday, May 30, 2008

Our First Blog!!!!

So, about a week ago, I noticed a gray hair in my beard... Yep, I can grow a beard! Took 10 years, and it's not as full as I would like, but hey... progress is good.

Anyway, so after High School, I attended Weber State University for a Semester and then served a mission in the Philippines. I left at 210 pounds and returned at 180 pounds. Gotta love the Philippines.

Anywho, when I returned a re-entered school without a clue what I wanted to do. So I took classes randomly in order to perhaps get some sort of idea what I wanted to do. I settled on Hospital Administration and am a year off of completion.

In 2004, I (meaning my Mom made me) tried out for the singing group 'Choralairs' at the Ogden LDS Institute. She told me if I didn't use my talent and try, I would be kicked out of the house... My Mom is a smart woman... I made the group and within 5 months I was dating the future Mrs. Peterson.

Megan and I were married in November that year in the Bountiful Temple. We currently have 2 boys. Tucker is 2, and Aidan is 9 months. They are a handful, but we are as happy as we can be as parents. We currently reside in Layton, UT.

I am currently employed with United Healthgroup in West Valley, Ut as a Technical Analyst. I manage the software that most doctors offices use to bill their claims. When I finish school, I am in a prime location to move on to Hospital Administration.

Megan is a graduate of Roy High School, and is a very accomplished singer. She has produced her own CD, and I can guarantee you will see her on American Idol in 2009. Just don't tell her I said anything. :)